Lab Fun

Louisa and Minahil present their posters at the UROP symposium – great job! Madison and I showed up to support them! April 19th 2023

Lab dinner, Ann Arbor April 15, 2023

Annie, Minahil, Louisa and Carmo – Ann Arbor, December 2022

Sara and Ankita presenting their posters at the Neuroscience Program Symposium, April 2022

Lab dinner 2021

Kate, Tia, Carmo, Ankita, Sara, Annie – Ann Arbor, December 2021

Christmas dinner 2019a
Naila, Carmo, Sara, Annie, Michelle, Maddie, Emily – Ann Arbor, December 2019.
Ben's poster
Haiyang, Annie, Michelle, Ben & Aidan at Ben’s Poster presentation at the UROP Summer Symposium, August 2019.


Haiyang, Emily, Michelle, Carmo, Sara, Annie, Aidan, Maddie – Lab Winter 2019

Carmo with Cade and Maddie at their Poster presentation at the UROP Spring Symposium, April 2019.
Naila, Carmo, Michelle, Aidan, Zebedee, and Emily – Ann Arbor, Winter 2018.
Naila and Emily – BSRB, May 2017.
Naila, Vasilis, Carmo, Jody – Ann Arbor, July 2016
Happy hour!!!
Vasilis, Carmo, Yemen, Maria, and Jody – Ann Arbor, April 2016
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